Thursday 10 January 2013

Bahrain - Old Photographs (Part I)

Below is a collection of stunning old photographs of Bahrain taken in the 20th century. I'll try to input as many captions as I can. Enjoy!

(The vast majority of these photographs were taken prior to the 1960s, by which time their copyright expired and is now in the public domain, as stated in Legislative Decree No. 10 of June 7, 1993 in respect of Copyright Law)

Bab al Bahrain
RAF Muharraq airbase, in 1949.
Farooq house - Now Ibn Sina health centre.
Awal Cinema, circa 1950s.
House of the poet Abdul Rahman Rafea, in the Fadhel neighborhood of Manama
House of Mustafa bin Abdullatif in Ras Ruman, close to Manama.
Shaikh Hamad's palace in Gudaibiya, Manama.
The Manama Municipality, 1930-1950s.
Entrance to Manama Souq, 1949.
Manama's northern sea coast

Ardha Dance in front of Sheikh Hamad Palace

Ardha Dance in front of Riffa Palace

Al Ahli Club in the 1960s.
Customs Building and the main seaport in Manama
Government street, Manama.
Bab al Bahrain road
Wednesday Market in Manama (happened every Wednesday, hence the name)
Vegetable Market in Manama 1930s-ish
Opening of the Al Tajer library in Hoora, in 1920.
Muharraq in the 1930s.
British Political Agency in Manama, 1900ish
Freezing conditions in Awali, Bahrain on 20 of January 1964
Liwa dance in Bahrain, a traditional Bahrain music that originated from Africa
Al Fadhel mosque in Fadhel neighbourhood of Manama
Aerial view of Manama, circa 1950s.
Another aerial view of Manama
Old customs office, circa 1940s.
Manama souq, circa 1930s.

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