Friday, 8 July 2011

Majority view Scotland as a Country

During my free time , I conducted a survey on a another website in the form of a poll (viewable here via Historum). The survey included 100 internet users, and the question was:

Is Scotland a Country?
And the results are:

Perhaps a future motto ? :)
A majority of 62 percent, that is 62 Participants, voted that Scotland is indeed a country (note: it isn't mentioned that it is an independent country). 17% had voted that it is not, and 21% (I assume) are undecided or say it is both Yes and No.

This could be an advantage to the Scots, I have to say. It reaffirms Scotland's own unique heritage and culture as well as nationality. Whether this is a prelude to the support for a referendum for Scotland's independence, I do not know. But what is known is, there is a continuing increase in the likelihood of independence of Scotland from the United Kingdom.

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