About the Blog

This blog, originally named "Rani's Daily Views" until May 2011, is dedicated to international history topics and history news. I originally started this blog to simply post what was on my mind, but now, I regularly post a history article about various historical topics.

I tend to prefer writing about pre-1900 Bahrain history as well as Middle Eastern history in general, perhaps my weakest points are Asian and African history (so don't expect much posts about that type of history). I also post on cultures and cuisines of certain countries (such as Bahrain's cuisine. I'd like to also point out that posts prior to May 2011 are not related to history. Expect a lot of Bahrain posts!

I've dedicated a section to Bahrain History on my blog ( visible from the Bahrain History tab above) , a art section, a book-review section (history books, mind you) , an archaeology section and a Middle-East history section.

These articles are simply written for informational purposes (and the fact that I was bored enough to write them). These articles are not written by a professional, I may be a doctor but I do have an incredible interest in history. I sincerely hope you'd love the blog (be sure to subscribe or follow my blog) , and I thank you for reading. Feedback is always welcome!

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