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To Facebook or not to ?

Almost everyone nowadays uses Social networking sites, be it Facebook, Myspace, Twitter  etc.. But is it really worth it ?  Sure.. with facebook (for example) you can keep up to date with your relatives and friends, play a couple of games and upload some videos or pictures of your day.

Facebook has impacted my school so much that, if you Don't have more than a 100 friends of facebook, you are considered a loser ( Lame Stereotype !! ), I myself, am a periodic user of facebook, as in just checking and looking at the news, Speaking of news = Facebook is also one of the new frontiers in Internet Journalism, for stories can be reported here that have otherwise been missed by CNN, BBC, Reuters etc..

In other words, Facebook and the Following Social Networking Sites are leading a new revolution into the world, A new Technological and Social Revolution which could possibly lead us to  lose our personal touch and just makes us  more dependent on Computers then we've EVER been on anythi…

Rebels pay the Penalty !

The saying goes , ' One man's Terrorist is another man's Freedom Fighter' , Although that doesn't seem to be the case in the French Camp back at the world cup. To all those who need a refresh a memory, let me enlighten you. During the World Cup of 2010, The French team were playing very, VERY badly ( they got a draw and two losses I think). Before France's Last Match, Anelka ( a talented French Striker ) apparently criticized the coach and insulted him ( He was sent back to France for his behavior ), But the trouble wasn't finished for the French Coach as other star players on the team supported Anelka, such as the likes of Ribery and Patrice Evra.

In the end.. France lost in what was their worst EVER world Cup Performance and as to what happened to Anelka and his little Revolt ?

Ans : As of August 17, 2010, Anelka was handed a Record 18 Match Ban !! Ribery was also handed an 8 match ban, Evra ( who was Captain of France , at the time) was given a mere 3 ma…

False Alarm -.-

I've just finished browsing through the internet, as always, so I thought I'd look at Wikipedia, on the front page, the sentence read boldly '' WHO declares the Swine Flu PANDEMIC to be over''  .  And that brought back some memories , I remembered back in September 2009 , when the first signs of Swine Flu emerged in the schools and malls of the Island of Bahrain, entire schools, both government and private, (including mine ) were closed for up to a month  !! So We thought that it would be a bit fun, ''no school for another month '' slogan was in out heads the entire time. It was only, when we went back to school, that we felt the backlash of it.

The School decided that it had to cancel the Winter Holidays to make up for time lost in the unexpected break, and new Online assignments were given to us ( we weren't used to them :S). All of this made us outraged, but would could we have done ? We were just mere students in the eyes of the Ministry…

Funny Memories of the World Cup

While I was switching through some channels today at around 4 p.m. I've stumbled upon a documentary about this year's FIFA World Cup 2010 , which, BTW, Spain won. ( Uruguay played better :P). The world Cup, I admit, was a bit dull... besides my country not being there, as well as England & Argentina being eliminated, I've just got to say that the most exciting match that I've seen during the world cup, wasn't the Final, It was the 3rd Place match ! It's kinda ironic how Uruguay and Germany were playing for the third place, It should've been the opposite, but eh...

Anywayz, while I was watching the documentary in a slow, sleepy way , it reminded me of a *Zindane* Incident :P . During the World Cup Final between Spain and the Netherlands, the match was very gruesome , probably the only world cup final to have more than 5 yellow cards sanctioned :S . So anyways, I remembered this one time, where a Dutch player apparently kung fu Kicked Xabi Alonso in the c…

A fine start

Alright, the first day of Ramadan has ended, It was a very fun day ( you'd be shocked considering I haven't eaten nor drunk something since dawn). Though you might think fasting is a daunting task, its not really that hard, In fact, fasting can be very healthy for you (the soul) and for your body, I've read something a recent article by Top Bahraini Nutritionist Alia Almoayed about Detoxification that occurs in the body during Fasting which is supposedly good for you, though it was all Greek to me so I didn't understand much, but I'll learn one step at a time :).
One thing I've got to 'type' here is that During Ramadan, its a time for spiritual enlightenment, Ask Allah for Forgiveness, for things that will help you in your life ( in my case, I just want good marks :), its a time to give up your worldly pleasures such as food and water and worship Allah, read the Holy Qur'an and Help the Poor , Because Ramadan is THE holiest month of the Islamic Cale…

Ramadan :The Month of Spiritual Enlightenment

Its that time of the year, for a billion or so Muslims around the world (including me :) fast for an entire month to show Our Patience, Dedication and Will-power to obey Allah by abstaining from eating, drinking and other bad habits ( such as Smoking !! ) from dawn to sunset (roughly 12-14 hours ). The month starts when the new moon is born ( A Crescent like the one below ) after the Month of Shaaban.

When I used to be in the 6th Grade, I still remember how my colleagues, back at the time, were stunned that I was fasting (to most of them, they didn't know why I did it ), especially because it was in the middle of October (October here, is very hot :S). I explained to them that I was fasting to show my obedience and my devotion to Allah ( some thought i was doing it to please my parents), From that day on, people respected me ( a little bit :)

But the main significance of the Month of Ramadan is that during this Holy Month is that the Very First Verses of the Holy Qur'an were re…

Can't say Goodbye to Classics

I've just finished assorting all of my CDs ( yes ,I was thaaat bored :S). While going through the endless pile, I've stumbled upon a videotape (ye know, the old ones before we used the CD). It was the very first videotape I saw and watched (the film, not the cover), Guess what it was about ? The timeless classics of ''Mr. Bean'' :D

You might call me old fashioned, but I just couldn't forget Mr. Bean and all of his spectacular Misadventures, it was one of those good old classical comedic shows that just can't be replaced, Its sorta like Charlie Chaplain ( except for the Black and White). In this new modern age, there are new comedies, Scrubs,Frasier, Friends, Two and a Half men etc... Now, I'm not saying I dislike them, I'm quite fond of them myself, its just that they cannot match up to the level of comedy as ''Mr. Bean''. Old Rowan Atkinson does a fine job to bring humor back in the crude days of the 90s :D

The only downside to M…

Unknown Facts about the world we live in

I've just finished reading a book, which has the same title as the above heading, It's a really funny book :P 
Lots of great things here which might seem irrelevant but worth noting. Who knows, you might find this useful :P

Enjoy :D

barbies' full name is barbara millicent Roberts. in 18 months 2 rats can have more than 2 million descendents. the name wendy was made up for the book  peter pan. the most common name in the world is Mohammad.
american cars honk in the tune of F. every time you lick a stamp you consume 1/10 of a calorie. 101 dalmations, peter pan lady and the tramp and mulan are the only disney movies where both parents are present & dont die through the movie. :P Stewardesses is the longest word that can be typed with your left hand. to escape the grip of a crocodile push your thumbs in its eye sockets- it will let go instantly
reindeer like to eat bananas. the word samba means 'to rub navels together'.
no words in the english language rhyme with the words pup…

A horrible way to lose a Life.

Just recently, around 8:30 GMT, an odd competition was held, The World Sauna Competition was held in Heinola, Finland. Basically, the competitors have to sit in a steaming sauna , where temperatures reach up to 110 degrees Celsius, for the longest time possible (sounds simple enough).The Winner would  get  a lot of money from what I hear.

Back to the point; it was the finals, pitting Vladimir ( A Russian)  against his Finnish Rival, Timo. 1 vs 1 , seems simple enough. Though a few minutes later, both men collapsed and were unconscious. Sadly, Mr. Vladimir   died during the event and his fellow finalist is currently in the hospital. Apparently, the heat was too much for them ( Who could blame them ? 110 Degrees !!! ). The organizers are stunned, his family shocked, All of Finland is in shock .

It's a shame how a life can end in such ways, Others happen everyday ( though not like this ), people die due to landmines, improperly fixed holes in the ground (I've personally seen tha…

Not so Northern Lights

Ever seen one of these before ? Yes, the fabled 'Northern Lights'. Once, Exclusively seen in Northern Scandinavia and in the Arctic. NOT ANY MORE !!

According to top scientists, The 'Northern Lights' are now viewable in Denmark and Germany. You might ask why or how ,but first lets address the question :

Q) What is this ' Northern Lights ' ?
Ans) The 'Northern Lights' or Scientifically called Aurora Borealis are actually part of the Earth's Magnetic Field ( which is usually invisible). The Phenomenon of the Northern Lights occurs because of Charged Gas Particles (which comes from the sun in the form of a 'Solar Wind') interacting (or messing around) with the Earth's Magnetic Field. This solar wind has its own magnetic field which pulls or drags away the earth's magnetic fields from their original position thus disconnecting them from our planet. 
In other words : When the charged gas particles interacts with the Earth's Magnetic fie…

Bill Gates : Trying to make a Difference

We all know Bill Gate's Story, Self made- Billionaire, Invented what is now our modern day Windows XP.
Now recently, Bill Gates managed to convince other billionaires to donate at least 50% of their wealth to charity, My Comments : O.O , He has convinced 37 billionaires and himself to donate more than half of his wealth to charity, that money is more than a typical country can produce, I'd guess more than 40 Billion Dollars ( I wish I had that kind of money) !! Kudos to you, Bill. Very Generous of him to do so, Wish there were more Generous people in Life. If there is anything we've learned from Bill, its these 7 lessons:

1)Failure Teaches Resiliency2)Understand Your Ego3Unhappy Customers Help You Improve4)Leadership isn’t about Control; It’s about Trusting Others 5)Treat Everyone with Respect  My Favorite quote of Bill is :“Be nice to nerds. Chances are you’ll end up working for one.”6)Action Creates Results7)Step Back and Look at the Bigger Picture
 I want all my viewers to…

Intersecting the Reality of Inception

Every time I go to the Cinema, I'm always forced to see a  movie at the discreet choice of my older brother, Now normally I would always disagree with his choice of movies ( The Sorcerer's Apprentice... Last Airbender) . Next, my brother takes me to see Inception. I saw the trailer, it seemed awful and with basically no plot.

Only until after I see the film do I ' BARELY' understand the story. It is a very long film (2 hours, 30 minutes according to my watch, so pee before you go watch :). The plot of the story takes a bit of time to understand... it's one of those movies where you have to think of the plot instead of having a person telling it to the hero.
Leonardo Di Caprio  put up an amazing performance ( so I wasn't quite upset with him ). The only problem I saw in this movie, was that it is VERY confusing. As in *Spoiler Alert* the characters go into a dream of a dream of a dream of another person's dream, where apparently time is VERY Slow ! (10 hours …

The Fall of the Crack-berry.

The Blackberry, seen as a necessity in the modern day life of teenagers, businessmen & women, Investors, Bankers, Retailers.... The list goes on.

But now, for the first time ever, the ''Crack-berry'' has had some of its KEY Services blocked in the Middle East , that btw separates it from all the other phones, blocked. These include the instant messaging service of the blackberry !!

Don't worry, it's only been banned in two countries: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the 'Investor Friendly'' United Arab Emirates.

The aftershocks of this :
a) People probably want their money back after buying a blackberry ( since the chief reason of its purchase was the instant messaging service).
b) Makes security easier to maintain in both countries (Another reason for banning the services was that it prevents the Governments from 'listening' into people's conversations, i.e. More Privacy)
c) Could lead to more bans in the region.

Thankfully, Bahrain s…

I need a Break.

Sorry guys, I need a break from the formalities, being too formal nowadays could honestly kill you ... so I've decided to just 'go with the flow'. As being a new blogger here, I haven't exactly been the Grand Master (I barely could find where the HTML was :P ) but nonetheless the show ( or in this case, the Blog) must go on.

And now, An Introduction into my ' little' paradise that I call : Bahrain (besides the traffic, its alright :P).

Here in Bahrain, its a cosmopolitan society, as in we've got nationals from almost any country, something like an International City, but in this case, its a country. We've got all of the multi-national companies here, from food ( McDonalds etc..) to Fashion (Mango, etc...). The Hot spots in Bahrain is, of course, the City Centre ( Not the actual centre of Manama ! It's a Mall ). Here is where we spend most of our weekends, Shopping by Sharaf DG for the latest Techs, stopping by Starbucks for a coffee and , If Possible…

Games aren't all bad

As the title suggests, Games are not all bad and some can be quite educational yet fun(surprisingly) and can boost your intelligence ( that is if you pick the right game :) Take the following example : 

A few days ago, A friend of mine recommended that I should play Hearts Of Iron 2. I thought that I would give this game a try, it soon became by favorite Strategic game ( EVER !! ). The game is based during the prelude of World War 2, from the 1st of January 1936, until well over the time taken for the war, 31st December 1946.

So basically, you are the leader of your country (don't worry, you'll lead a country that actually existed), which you can choose from a list of 90+ countries, from the powerhouses such as the British & Germany to Minimoys such as Luxembourg and Albania, you can really pick anyone ( Sadly Bahrain isn't in it :S ). While being the leader of your country, you can build armies,Navies, Air Forces, infrastructure (as in making better roads, buildings et…