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Ye Olde New Year

Yup, thats right folks , we've managed to survive the financial crunch, Y2K, Swine flu and Nuclear apocalypse to be here today. One day separates us from the year 2011. I'm wondering why I even care about it, its just a new year for God's sake ! But, you might as well just go with the flow. I've noticed that a lot of people, (my fellow bloggers included) have developed a list of their fondest moments in 2010 (same thing with the newspapers, sadly that isn't available in mine this year :( . Alright - Back to the story :

Number 10 on my list -The Icelandic Volcano Eruption, Don't ask me to spell it  I CAN BARELY pronounce the first 4 letters !! I liked that event because it showed how a little tiny itsy bitsy act of God (even in the form of a volcanic eruption) can practically shut us down (LITERALLY , I mean all the airports were down and out :) ).

Number 9 on my list - Swine Flu , don't get the idea that I supported Swine Flu. I'm just stating how it had …

Merry Christmas !

I know I haven't been posting in a while ( apologies for that) but I feel it would be very unkind of me to not wish you all a happy christmas.

So Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year- Yesh, we'll be starting the "Tween" years (Dunno what that is but lets ignore that) hopefully, it would be less gruesome than the last decade.

I'm guessing its 6 days to New Year ? Hope so (don't have a watch with me v.v).

Back to the chase = Merry or Happy Christmas :D