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Bahrain and the Concorde

Ah yes, the majestic and iconic Concorde, probably one of the greatest breakthroughs in the History of the Airplane industry. This fantastic plane could break the sound barrier and travel at supersonic speeds!

In fact, it has a special place with Bahrain, it was (either) the first destination of the Concorde jet from London in 21 January 1976. The flight took a mere 3 and a half hours compared to the usual 6 hour flight (If I'm not mistaken). Or it was one of the first destinations.

Regardless, it was an iconic moment for both the Concorde and Bahrain, it was the Concorde maiden Commerical flight as part of the British Airways fleet and it also brought a lot of publicity to the otherwise unknown island of Bahrain.

In fact, newspaper archives reveal the atmosphere of the event (thanks to Google Archives!) :
Here is the archive of the article posted in The Spokesman-ReviewAnother one from the Eugene Register-Guard.And the Toledo Blade.And of course, an actual photo!

True as it is. Th…

A Notice

I've recently setup a new blog called A Teen and His Blog , where I hope to post about some casual stuff or so. It does not mean that I'll leave or forget about this blog, I'll try to post whenever Something historical and such comes to mind.

But I would have to say that you should expect some time for the updates, from a minimum of 2 days or so. I'll try to update as much as I can.

And feel free to check out my new blog too! :)

Summer in Bahrain- Flowers in a Concrete Jungle

Previously, I've stated about how Summer was the ideal time for plants to grow. With its sunshine at its highest, we can expect many plants to grow and bloom their flowers off this summer.

It is quite a relief. For the regular Bahraini, a sight of green and pink are always welcome in contrast to the sands of Bahrain.Amidst the concrete jungle of Manama lies a blooming flower :)

Well, many blooming flowers actually.
I thought it was good practice to snap some shots of the plants that decided to lay their foundations in my garden .

And, even you have to admit it, these are some pretty flowers. But, any comments on my photography ?

Good ? Bad ? Give me cookies ? :P

Now, it would be a challenge for me to find out the names of these flowers, since I'm no botanist.

But I have to say, this is a refreshing change from the dust hazes!
 So people, what do you think of my shots ? I'm an amateur at this, I know, but practice makes perfect, right ?
No ? O,o

Ah well, a little green a…

A Study on Bahraini Food & Cuisine


As Bahrain is located in the Middle East, it obviously possesses a Middle Eastern type cuisine, the usual rice and kebabs, lamb or chicken. Fish and olives, herbs of all types (well, not all but you get the picture) such as Parsley and Rosemary and of course, Spices!

Now, it should be said that Bahrain has practically the same dishes made up in other Arabian and Middle Eastern countries, like Hummus and Tabouleh (which are from the Levant region) the Felafels are also very popular here.

Bahrain's Food and Products:

But, that doesn't mean Bahrain doesn't have any of its own unique dishes.Bahrain, being the small island that it is, produces a stable amount of fruits and vegetables, especially Dates. Indeed, Dates are the  pride of Bahrain and because of so many Date Palm trees located here, Bahrain was nicknamed the "Land of a Million Date Palms" (sounds better in Arabic!).

Its fair to say that Bahrain has its own livestock industry but not a very big…

Away for a While

I might be away for a few days or so. Contributed somewhat because of a lack of topics for me to blog about. I'm open to any suggestions on what to blog about, History or Bahraini-related.

I guess the summer laziness is catching on to me...
Good thing I have my History book to keep me company! :)

Update: I guess I did find stuff to blog about! :)

To the Victor Goes the Pen

Ever heard of Carthage ? You know, that little place just to the lower left of Italy's coast. There's a high probability you haven't. For a civilization like the Carthaginians, who were based in Carthage (modern-day Tunis), who were arguably one of the strongest nations during the Roman era. Carthage is the home of Hannibal Barca, one of the greatest military tacticians of his time. 

Carthage's might was almost alike that of the Romans, so powerful was Carthage that Rome had engaged in a series of wars with Carthage over superiority in the Mediterranean, these wars were called the Punic Wars.
A clear testimony to this might was the fact that Hannibal led an expedition to Rome, bringing with him elephants (and the works). But, in the end, Rome was the victor and Carthage was sacked.

We know very little of Carthage's history aside from those from Roman sources (which were biased). The reason was that the Romans destroyed practically everything pertaining to the Carth…

103 Recognizable faces of the World

Here's a painting of 103 globally-recognizable people, ranging from Politicians and Scientists to Comedians and Footballers. The painting was originally made in China (hence you notice a lot of Chinese characters present).

I personally find this somewhat silly or humourous with relation to History. Come on, look at them. They're having the time of their lives! Now this is fine painting and creativity.

Look carefully, and try to find Bin Laden, Charlie Chaplain, Einstein, Napoleon and 99 others! Its quite silly (but in a good way).

An introduction to Ibn Sina: The Doctor of Doctors

Perhaps well-known amongst historians worldwide, yet forgotten by most people,  Abū Alī al-Ḥusayn ibn Abd Allāh ibn Sīnā, or more commonly known as Ibn Sina (Latinized Name – Avicenna), remains an often forgotten image to many people around the world. 
To simplify his life, Ibn Sina was a Persian Polymath best known (in the medical world) for his pioneering works in Medicine. That is, a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas. In less formal terms, a polymath (or polymathic person) may simply be someone who is very knowledgeable.

Now, in this essay, we shall try to examine Ibn Sina’s life and understand his achievements and contribution to the many fields of Astronomy , Chemistry, Geology, Islamic  Studies and theology and of course, Medicine. To simply put it, he was an astronomer, chemist, geologist, Hafiz, Islamic psychologist, Islamic scholar, Islamic theologian, logician, paleontologist, mathematician, Maktab teacher, physicist, poet, and scien…

What would have happened if Hitler focused on the Allied Powers , Part Deux

You could say this is a revised version of the What would have happened if Hitler didn't invade the Soviet Unionpost, but more revised.

Operation Sea lion:
In recent historical speculation, most historians have speculated that , if it hadn't been for Operation Barbarossa (thats the invasion of Soviet Union) Hitler would have been the Fuhrer of the European Continent, his empire would've stretched from the reaches of Prussia to the Atlantic Ocean. In this post, I shall examine and (try to) accurately Speculate (if such a thing exists) what would've happened if Soviet Russia and the Third Reich hadn't collided.
Note- This post will not delve into the Holocaust nor will it involve much of the Russians, it is purely speculative with facts that would back up the claims.

Now, we all know the fact that Nazi Germany had an invasion plan for mainland Britain,Operation Sealion it was called. So here are the plans illustrated in this map.

As illustrated above (to the …

Bahrain's battle with Water Shortage- The Untold Story

Bahrain's Freshwater Springs:
The issue of water shortages in Bahrain is something that is rarely known, let alone discussed. Yes, even I had not been unaware of this until a colleague (on Twitter) informed me of it (I thank that Tweeter). Indeed,  the once prestigious, and pride of Bahrain, the spring waters and wells are drying up, the aquifers and a part of Bahrain’s namesake is almost vanishing into the abyss. In this essay, we shall examine and dissect this mysterious topic, about the shortages of water in Bahrain . Ask anyone on the streets of Bahrain today about any water crisis in the world, they would , most likely, point out to somewhere in Africa or other Less Economically Developed Areas (LEDA). Most ,if not would be surprised that Bahrain had been at this point many times before, yes , Bahrain has experienced water shortages. Lets focus on the freshwater springs, most of Bahrain’s springs originate from the Dammam aquifer (that’s in Eastern Saudi Arabia).
Now evidently, …

Summer has Arrived in Bahrain

The past couple of weeks (or to be straight-forward, month) have seen the weather drift from the warm and windy weather to HOT and Humid conditions. Its not something new that Bahrainis face, we face it every year, but its always the first month that just makes you go crazy.

While the weather forecast for the next three months would be nothing but heat,humidity and (if we are so unfortunate) Sand storms! Its a good thing we have a secret weapon. Yup, you guessed it, the Air Conditioner! Man's greatest invention! (with regards to the desert!).

But, summer is also the time (believe it or not) where the trees are at their greenest and flowers spurt and open up majestically for all those (hungry) bees and insects. We could be seeing some wonderful flowers this summer too (besides the Petunias!).

Here's a photo of my garden that I took this morning, looks good (greener than usual). I hope this summer would be one for the ages.

Johnny English Reborn - Trailer released!

The new trailer released! 
I know this is usually against what I normally do but I like to be diverse.

For those who don't know what Johnny English is, it was a spoof spy movie made in 2003, featuring Rowan Atkinson (that very silly guy from Mr.Bean, I reviewed him a while ago). Anyways, he played a spy for MI7 back in the old movie.

I'd recommend you watch it, if you're in the laughing mood or just wish to watch a guy make a mockery of himself.

While normally, I stick to my belief that, all sequels tend to disappoint me. It happened with Night of the Museum , Are We Done Yet? and others.

I just hope, for once, a decent sequel to a hilarious comedy movie could finally come into play.

Corruption, Election, Changes - Scandal Hits FIFA

Lets admit it, the past week has been a turbulent one. We have seen Bin Hammam, the Qatari President of the AFC (Asian Football Confederation) and also FIFA-Presidential hopeful , drop out of the race amidst a corruption scandal surrounding his (ironic) anti-corruption campaign.

During this time, several allegations and revelations had emerged (particularly, it had started to kick in, last month). A UK parliamentary inquiry into why England failed to secure the 2018 finals is told by member of parliament Damian Collins that there was evidence from the Sunday Times newspaper that Issa Hayatou of Cameroon and Jacques Anouma of the Ivory Coast were paid by Qatar. An ethics investigation was then opened into confederation presidents Mohamed Bin Hammam  and Jack Warner of CONCACAF concerning a meeting of the Caribbean Football Union.

Prior to the committee hearing, Bin Hammam shocked the Football world by announcing his withdrawal from the race. In his latest fightback , Jack Warner ha…